We provide Free Estate Agents.

That means we don't charge any commission or upfront fees for selling your property. 
Whether you sell normally or by our Modern Method of Auction, our service is completely FREE.
We are also Property Finders and can assist you in finding your perfect property in the UK & Overseas.


Selling your property has never been easier with our Modern and Traditional Methods of Auction and there are some great benefits:

Complete Faster :
On average, Private Treaty can take over 100 days to complete whereas auction provides fixed exchange and completion dates of between 28 and 56 days. This means you can plan your move more easily.

With auction, buyers pay a non-refundable Reservation Fee or deposit to secure the property so all parties can move forward with confidence. A Reservation Agreement is also signed by the buyer, committing them to complete the purchase reducing the risk of a fall-through.

No Sale, No Fee:

There is nothing to pay to enter your property into one of our auctions. There is an auction pack fee of £445.00 including VAT, however this is only payable by you if your property sells.

Optimised Exposure:

An attractive starting bid increases interest and encourages competitive bidding between prospective buyers, which can help to drive up the final selling price of your property.

Reserve Price:

We discuss and agree on an undisclosed Reserve Price with you in advance of the auction. This is the minimum amount you will accept for your property, providing you with additional security and peace of mind that comes from knowing you are fully in control of the selling price.


Buying property at auction is no longer just for the experienced investor looking for their next renovation project, so if youíre looking for a new home there are some great benefits to buying at auction:


The Modern Method of Auction offers speed with a completion timeframe of within 56 days, allowing buyers to purchase with a mortgage. We offer completion timescales of as little as 28 days with our Traditional Method of Auction. 


Properties sold through icestates have a completion rate of 95%, compared to the current 70% rate of private treaty sales. Our fee structure ensures commitment from the buying party, which in turn boosts the completion rate for properties sold. Furthermore, for the buyer, this structure removes the fear of gazumping Ė one of the biggest issues associated with private treaty.

Buy with a mortgage:

Modern Method of Auction sales offer a 56-day completion timescale meaning you have time to organise your finances and arrange a mortgage. Traditional Method of Auction timescales of 28 days are best-suited to cash buyers as there is limited time to arrange finance.

Buyer Information Pack:

We provide a comprehensive Buyers Information Pack with each property which is a collection of documents that help you make an informed decision before proceeding.


We offer a clear and transparent process; place bids and view all activity online so you donít miss out on your perfect property.

24/7 anytime, anywhere bidding:

Our online platform allows you to bid 24/7, at a time and place that suits you . 


Many people in today's busy lifestyles don't leave a lot of time for house hunting. So it's no surprise that more and more people are turning to property finders to track down their ideal home. We do this for our clients.

In exchange for a fee - typically 1% to 2.5% of the final purchase price - we will do all the legwork for you, trawling estate agents, websites and auction houses in search of your dream home.

Most importantly the price negotiation. 

We can recoup your finder's fee and more. 'On a £500,000 property, we have usually negotiate a saving of 10 to 15% off the asking price.'

Striking up a rapport with estate agents is an essential part of the property finder's job. Often we hear of properties before they hit the market.

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We work with all major overseas property Developers & Estate Agents in , Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Dubai & Portugal. So if you are looking for a holiday home or investment property,

We can assist you in sourcing the property, finance and legal work. 

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